Panjim, Goa   |   Full Time
  • Eloquent, articulate in expression of thoughts. 
  • Has the maturity to evaluate ideas on their business merit in addition to creative merit. 
  • Can think, and write for evolved business audiences (think CXOs and not premium or mass consumer brands). 
  • Can multi-task and lead independent projects. 
  • Has experience of working with, and guiding a team of designers and visualisers. 
  • Is updated about innovative formats and trends in effective communication. 
  • is NOT a stickler for Social Media campaigns. 
  • Has held a job (current, or previous) for at least 2.5 years. 
  • Excellent research skills. 
  • Loves pitching innovative ideas. 
  • High degree of self-motivation and discipline to with minimal daily supervision. 
  • Has successfully led creative ideation and execution for a few projects. 
  • Is not a long form content writer. This is a creative copy writing role.

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